"Square Root of 5"

Welcome to one of Dawson Merrill's web pages.  I have calculated the square root of 5 to 10,000,000 decimal digits.  This is the largest known number of digits computed as of 12/20/99.  The next largest contender was 1,000,000 digits.  If anyone is aware of a larger and/or earlier calculation, please email me.

I personally created a computer program to calculate all the digits within these pages without the use of any tools like Maple or Mathematica.

Due to space limitations I can only show the first million digits in readable form, but I have all 10,000,000 digits available here in zip files.  I have created a download and instruction page to assist you here.  I would certainly appreciate any and all help in verification to those who have the resources.

Please also visit Xavier Gourdon and Pascal Sebah's web page of records.  They track the current records for various other popular constants, including pi, Phi, e, and the square root of 2.

Click the left link below to view the first million digits.

Click the middle link below to view the instruction page to download all 10,000,000 digits of the Square Root of 5 in Zip file format.

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First Million Digits

Instructions for all 10 million in Zip files

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I adapted the snaking square root of 5 from a program by Philip Winston.

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